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Our Brands

AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration offers pressure, temperature and process calibration instruments under the brands Crystal, Jofra, M&G and Frode Pedersen.

Below you can learn more about the brands.
  • Jofra Calibration

    JOFRA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of calibration instruments for temperature, pressure and process signals as well as for temperature sensors both from a commercial and a technological point of view.

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  • Crystal Engineering
    Crystal Engineering

    Crystal Engineering manufacture equipment that is used to measure pressure to calibrate other pressure measuring equipment and to diagnose the performance of equipment that depends on pressures within it or applied to it.

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  • Manfield & Green
    Mansfield & Green

    Mansfield & Green introduced the deadweight tester based on the floating ball principle in 1966. Today, they supply pneumatic floating ball and hydraulic piston deadweight testers all over the world.

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  • Frode Pedersen

    Frode Pedersen manufactures a complete range of temperature sensors for industrial and marine use.

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