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Service and Calibration

We offer temperature, pressure, and process calibration according to your local standards.
Service and Calibration
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North American Calibration Labs
Located in San Luis Obispo, CA,  our North American calibration lab is A2LA accredited for pressure and temperature equipment (certificate 2601.01).  It services all Crystal products for customers outside Europe, and JOFRA products for North American customers. For over 20 years, the San Luis Obispo Lab has been the main service center for Crystal Engineering products, combining high quality service and repair with quick turnaround times. In 2019, the lab was expanded to service the JOFRA temperature calibrators, saving North American customers valuable time and money. Our friendly technicians have years of experience servicing Crystal products and can quickly and confidently provide the highest quality customer service. This includes firmware updates, functional tests, and safety tests.

Located in Largo, FL, our second North American service location handles the Mansfield & Green (M&G) line of products, including pneumatic and hydraulic deadweight testers and our line of pneumatic and hydraulic pumps. M&G introduced the deadweight tester based on the “floating ball” principle in 1966. The years of producing these primary standards allow our technician to quickly and properly diagnose any issue you may have.

European Calibration Lab
Located in Allerød, Denmark, our European lab has long been the service center for our JOFRA line of Temperature and Signal Calibrators. Our experienced team provides efficient calibration and repair services for all customers outside of North America. The Denmark lab also services Crystal products for customers in Europe, saving both time and money.

Online RMA System
Our easy-to-use online RMA system will automatically direct customers to the correct calibration lab for their location. The efficient process saves even more time, as customers don’t have to wait for a returned call or email. Instead, they can get an RMA number and shipping instructions within seconds. The link to access the RMA page is located at the top of this page.