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How to Measure Pressure and Record Pressure in Oil & Gas Transmission Systems

measure pressure record pressure transmission system
The natural gas transmission system moves large amounts of natural gas thousands of miles from the gathering systems to local distribution companies. The pressure of gas in each section of line typically ranges from 200 to 3000 psi / 30 to 200 bar, depending on the type of area in which the pipeline is operating.

Accurately measuring and recording the pressure in the pipelines is critical. For safety concerns, pipelines are designed to withstand pressures much higher than is ever reached during transport. However, measuring this pressure is a task that companies must perform on a routine basis. Differential pressure can also be used throughout the system.

AMETEK STC offers a wide variety of pressure products that safely and accurately measure and record the pressure in pipelines.  

Popular products: nVision Reference Recorder, XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge, 30 Series Pressure Calibrator, HPC50 Series Pressure Calibrator, & Temperature Calibrators 

AMETEK STC is an experienced supplier of high-quality pressure and calibration products for the gas industry through many decades. See our Natural Gas brochure here