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Our process calibrators include innovative handheld multifunction calibrators, multi-channel scanners, and handheld mA loop calibrators and power sources. Our multifunction process calibrator feature a large full color display with an advanced simplicity, easy-to-use interface. The multi-scanner is perfect when there is a need to create traceable documents for sensor calibrations. Calibrate 16 types of RTDs, and 13 types of thermocouples with our handheld multifunction process calibrator.
  • ASC-400 Multifunction Process Calibrator
    Multifunction Process Calibrators

    Our multifunction process calibrators read and source RTD, thermocouple, current, voltage, frequency, and resistance to calibrate or verify your process sensors.

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  • ASM Series Multi-Scanner

    The multi-scanner provides a time-saving, automatic solution to calibrate multiple temperature or pressure sensors simultaneously. Combine with dry-blocks, thermometers, and calibrators.

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  • mAcal Loop Calibrators
    mA Loop Calibrators

    Our handheld loop calibrators offer economical and easy-to-use calibration solutions for sourcing and measuring mA signals.

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