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Pressure Recorders

Our pressure recorders are capable of storing gauge pressure, absolute pressure, temperature, current, and voltage. They can collect readings as quick as ten times per second, and can store up to 1 million data points. The included easy-to-use software communicates with the pressure recorders and then saves the data into industry standard spreadsheets or tamper-proof pdf documents. With the nVision family, recorded runs can also be viewed on the graphical display of the unit itself.

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  • nVision Reference Recorder Pressure Calibrator
    nVision Reference Recorder

    ± 0.025% of reading; vacuum to 15 000 psi / 1000 bar Read & record up to 1 million data points, and download to industry standard spreadsheets, or tamper-proof pdf files.

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  • XP2i Digital Pressure Calibration Gauge
    XP2i Data Recorder

    ± 0.1% of reading; vacuum to 15 000 psi / 1000 bar The world's most popular test gauge is the oil & gas industry standard for hazardous area pressure recording.

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