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Temperature Calibrators

Our dry-block and liquid bath portable temperature calibrators include 6 series with more than 25 models and temperature ranges from -100 to 1205°C. All feature portability, accuracy, speed, and advanced documenting functions with JofraCal calibration software. Our calibrators include the smallest and coldest dry-block temperature calibrator available.

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  • RTC Reference Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
    RTC Reference Temperature Calibrator

    to ± 0.04°C; -100 to 700°C Our most advanced and accurate portable temperature calibrator with the widest temperature range. Combine with the DLC system for perfect temperature uniformity.

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  • Professional Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
    PTC Professional Temperature Calibrator

    to ± 0.06°C; -90 to 660°C The PTC matches lab features like, a wide temperature range, high accuracy, stability, and speed into a single industrial temperature calibrator.

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  • CTC Compact Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
    CTC Compact Temperature Calibrator

    to ± 0.2°C; -25 to 1205°C The CTC Series portable temperature calibrator is a fast, timesaving, reliable temperature calibrator designed for on-site use, featuring buttons for switch test & auto stepping.

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  • MTC Marine Temperature Calibrator

    to ± 0.9°C; 28 to 650°C The MTC Series portable temperature calibrator is a fast, timesaving, cost effective calibrator designed specifically for the maritime industry, with a three year calibration interval.

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  • ETC Easy Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
    ETC Easy Temperature Calibrator

    to ± 0.5°C; -10 to 400°C The ETC Series is the ideal dry block temperature calibrator when time is the critical factor and the highest accuracy is not a requirement.

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