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9100 Series Temperature Sensors

9100 Series Temperature Sensor
The 9100 series consists of thermocouples, measuring inserts, thermowells, and protective tubes.  Includes connection fittings, compensation cables, thermocouple wires, transmitters, and local display.     

See options for the 8 different models available.

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      • 9107 Thermocouple for AMK/AKK/AK/BMK/BK, precious and non-precious metal. Use for installation/exchange of our standard thermocouple assemblies.
      • 9108-01 Type TK80/115/125/TS85, measuring insert T, with inserts for thermocouple assemblies. Use for installation/exchange in protective tubes and thermowells
      • 9108-02 Type MKM/M40/MK60, measuring insert T, with inserts for resistance thermometers. Use for installation/exchange in protective tubes and thermowells
      • 9111 Protective tubes and thermowells for thermocouple and resistance assemblies. Types: -Protective tubes in ceramic and steel -Thermowells for weld-in (drilled from bar stock) and screw-in pockets (fabricated)
      • 1913 Process connection, adjustable compression fittings and flanges for connecting sensors with adjustable attachment to the process. Types: -Flanges in stainless steel -Compressions fittings with ceramic sealing -Flanges and counter flanges in cast iron with ceramic sealing -Compression fittings with steel ferrule or Teflon olive
      • 9150 Extension and compensating cable between the thermocouple at the measuring point and an instrument with built-in cold junction compensation (reference point). Types: -Extension cable: Extension wires made of the same material as the accompanying thermocouple and can be used at a higher temperature than a compensating cable. The cable is designated with an X after the thermocouple type (for example JX). -Compensation cable: Compensation wires of substitute materials consisting of alloys, which, within a limited temperature range, has the same thermoelectric properties as the accompanying thermocouple. The cable is designated with a C after the thermocouple type (for example KC). -Wide range of insulation materials and wire sizes. The choice depends on the application such as ambient temperature and distance. There are also types with electrical screen and steel braiding for extra mechanical protection
      • 9152 Thermocouple wire, insulated and bare wires used for manufacturing thermocouples according to all standard combinations in IEC 584. Types: -Bare thermocouple wire: The maximum temperature stated depends on many factors such as ambient atmosphere, type of installation and diameter. The limits are for mechanically unloaded thermocouple wires under continuous use in air not contaminated by noxious gasses. -Insulated thermocouple wire: The temperature limits indicated apply to the insulation materials
      • 9168 Type FPTU/FPTT/FPTM – Headmounted transmitters. Conversion and linearization of thermocouples and Pt100 resistance thermometers signals into a temperature proportional 4-20 mA standard current signal Types: -2-wire transmitter -Input for TC, Pt100, ohm, or mV