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Reference Temperature Sensors

Our reference sensors can be used as your daily working reference sensor in laboratory or field calibration applications. A large selection of types are available, including; straight, 90 degree angle, 4 mm or 1/4”. The superior design and specifications combined with a long history of reliability and low drift have made the STS probes the working-standard in many EN/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories worldwide. The DLC sensors are a part of our patented Dynamic Load Compensation system. 

  • DLC Dynamic Load Compensation System
    DLC System

    The DLC compensates for the negative effect on calibration accuracy that heat exchange between a dry-block calibrator and the sensor under test creates.

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  • Reference Temperature Sensor
    STS Series Reference Sensors

    The STS Reference Sensors are Pt100 reference probes used as the reference instrument to verify true temperature in any type of hand-held, liquid bath, or dry-block calibrator.

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