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As quality control continues to increase in industries all over the world, the demand for reliable, efficient equipment is increasing.  Whether you’re measuring production or storage temperature in food processing, pressure in oil & gas pipelines, or checking transmitters and switches at a power plant, high quality measuring equipment is essential.

We produce some of the world’s most popular pressure, temperature, and process calibration equipment for a variety of applications and industries.  The links below provide details of some of the applications where our equipment is making your job easier.

  • Maritime Industry
    Maritime Industry

    We offer a complete program of maritime, DNV approved, pressure, temperature, and signal calibrators and pressure generators.

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  • Pharmaceutical Industry
    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Within the pharmaceutical industry the quality level is of great concern as the products may influence the health of their customers.

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  • Oil and Gas Industry
    Oil and Gas Industry

    The oil and gas industry has several critical requirements to the process in order to prevent moisture, corrosion, inefficient fuel usage, and to meet official safety regulations.

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  • Chemical and Plastic Industry
    Chemical and Plastics Industry

    The chemical industry uses processes such as chemical reactions on refining to produce a wide variety of solid, liquid, and gaseous material.

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  • Food and Beverage Industry
    Food and Beverage Industry

    Food and beverages must be produced and stored at certain temperatures to maintain their quality. We specialize in reliable temperature equipment to help provide the highest quality food.

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  • Power and Energi Industry
    Power and Energy Industry

    In order to achieve optimum machine performance, improve efficiency of plants and at the same time save energy it is important to detect all deviations from desired plant operation.

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  • Water and Wastewater Industry
    Water and Wastewater Industry

    Water treatment facilities are found worldwide, including potable water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, agricultural water, industrial water, and more.

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