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A Calibration Instrument for Every Application

A Calibration Instrument for Every Application 
Modern power grids depend on a diverse number of sources—from wind to solar to steam turbines—to keep the lights on. Pressure and temperature calibration, and selecting the proper calibration instrument for a specific piece of equipment, is an integral part of maintaining these varied and complex systems. And AMETEK STC can likely provide a calibration instrument solution for most any requirement.

Temperature measurement is critical in many disciplines within the energy industry, and the JOFRA RTC Series Reference Temperature Calibrator has proved to be an excellent calibration instrument where high temperatures are generated from steam or solar installations. To be even more effective, any AMETEK STC temperature calibrator can be paired with the JOFRA DTI-1000 Temperature Indicator which serves to verify the true temperature of any temperature calibration instrument.

For direct pressure measurement throughout a facility, a calibration instrument like the Crystal XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge or Crystal HPC40 Series Pressure Calibrator offer accurate, reliable, and flexible calibration and measurement.

If an installation has an array of different types of equipment (pressure gauges, transmitters, transducers, temperature switches) a single calibration instrument like the Crystal nVision Reference Recorder can be used in many different applications. 
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