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Pressure Calibration for the Maritime Industry

Pressure Calibration for the Maritime Industry 
Modern maritime vessels contain a vast array of equipment and machinery, much of it requiring diligent scheduled maintenance, including pressure calibration. From lubricating oil systems to diesel fuel injectors to sea water cooling systems, calibration of pressure in these and a myriad of other systems is critical to the health and safety of a vessel.

For decades, pressure calibration has been a core mission of AMETEK STC. Our Maritime DNV approved offerings include pressure gauges, pressure calibrators, and reference recorders, making it easy to assemble a pressure calibration system customized for specific shipboard requirements.

The ruggedness, accuracy, and reliability of pressure calibration equipment is important in any environment, but even more critical aboard a vessel that may spend weeks, even months, at sea. To that end, AMETEK STC’s pressure calibration solutions are built to last and are exceptionally accurate for years between factory recommended calibration intervals.

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