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Differential Pressure Standards

Differential Pressure Gauge
Differential Pressure Gauges
Crystal Engineering offers multiple differential pressure gauges and differential pressure calibrators with differential options and modes. Ranging from traditional wet/wet differential pressure to calculated differential pressure using multiple sensors, we have a differential pressure solution to fit your calibration and testing needs.

nVision Reference Recorder Differential Pressure Mode
Our nVision reference recorder has two isolated pressure ports that together can display a calculated differential pressure. Using our high accuracy tare mode, the user can remove any difference in the pressure reading when both sensors are connected to the same static pressure line. Taring out the difference starts each test at a perfectly equaled state at elevated static pressures. Then, once a differential pressure is introduced, the nVision displays a highly accurate calculated differential pressure. Because each sensor is isolated, it can handle pressure up to its full-scale value. If the technician disconnects the differential pressure test incorrectly, the sensors will not suffer damage.

XP2i-DP Differential Pressure Gauge
For users looking for a traditional wet/wet differential pressure gauge, we offer the Crystal XP2i-DP. The XP2i-DP differential pressure gauge uses the same enclosure and interface found on the popular XP2i digital pressure gauge. However, the XP2i-DP includes a dual-port differential pressure sensor. This allows users to connect either end directly to their differential pressure source and read the difference between the two using the same sensor. The maximum static pressure line for this version of differential pressure is 100 psi.