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What is the Difference Between Dry Block and Bath Temperature Calibration

Dry Block Temperature Calibration Liquid Bath Temperature Calibration

Two types of systems are available for temperature calibration: dry block temperature calibration and liquid bath temperature calibration. As their names imply, the two treat the calibration of temperature in distinctly different ways. Dry block calibrators use a pre-drilled, metal insert, in which the sensor to be calibrated is lowered. Temperature calibration with a dry block typically offers excellent temperature stability, and as many inserts provide a number of different hole sizes, multiple sensors can be calibrated at once. JOFRA offers a full line of dry block temperature calibrator options for temperature calibration.

Liquid bath temperature calibration employs heated fluid housed in a well into which larger glass and liquid-filled sensors and even glass thermometers can be inserted. JOFRA's RTC temperature calibrators are very flexible, and allow for both types of temperature calibration to be performed within the same unit.