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How to Measure Pressure and Record Pressure and Temperature in Gas Reduction Stations

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As gas distribution systems are based on the principal of gas flowing from high to low pressure, reduction stations / units are used throughout the network. When the pressure of natural gas decreases by 88%, the temperature decreases by about 65%. Decreases in temperature can cause operational (freezing valves) and quality problems. Measuring temperature and pressure throughout the process is key to keeping problems under control.

As pressure is an important part of reduction stations, AMETEK STCs pressure gauges, pressure calibrators, and pressure recorders are key to maintaining high quality stations. They can be used to measure the pressure in the pipe.

Temperature is just as important, and AMETEK STC offers a range of temperature calibrators and temperature indicators to measure temperature.

The nVision reference recorder and the XP2i digital pressure gauge not only measure pressure, but they can also create a digital record of the tests. The nVision and the HPC50 pressure calibrator also have the ability to measure and record temperature, and also safely measure differential pressure with their special DP tared mode. The XP2i has a PSV test mode, which has been specifically designed to test pressure safety valves.

Popular products: nVision Reference Recorder, XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge, 30 Series Pressure Calibrator, HPC50 Series Pressure Calibrator, & Temperature Calibrators 

AMETEK STC is an experienced supplier of high-quality pressure and calibration products for the gas industry through many decades. See our Natural Gas brochure here