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What are Metering Systems and How to Easily Calibrate Them On Site

Metering Systems
Simple mechanical domestic meters, to high-end flow computers are used for inline measurement, custody transfer, and larger business customers to determine the amount of energy supplied, rather than the amount of gas. Within a gas corrector, values from volume meters, thermometers and pressure meters are fed into its calculator. Each of its functions can be calibrated individually, and temperature and pressure can typically be calibrated onsite.

AMETEK STCs products have long been used to calibrate the functions used in a gas corrector. We have pressure gauges and pressure calibrators that make it easy to calibrate these meters onsite, rather than removing them from service and returning them to a calibration lab. As the transfer of energy means the transfer of money, measuring these functions as accurately as possible is key. AMETEK products bring deadweight tester accuracy to the field with small handheld, temperature compensated devices.

Popular products: nVision Reference Recorder, XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge, 30 Series Pressure Calibrator, HPC50 Series Pressure Calibrator, & Temperature Calibrators 

AMETEK STC is an experienced supplier of high-quality pressure and calibration products for the gas industry through many decades. See our Natural Gas brochure here