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Calibration Laboratory Services in North America

We offer temperature, pressure, and process calibration according to your local standards.
Service and Calibration

Our North American calibration lab in  San Luis Obispo, CA, is A2LA accredited for pressure and temperature equipment (certificate 2601.01), and offers a high value service and calibration of your JOFRA temperature calibrators and Crystal pressure products.

By calibrating your JOFRA and Crystal products directly with the manufacturer you have some advantages that a third party lab can not offer;

- Immediate access to spare parts reduces the turnaround time
- Expert knowledge about your specific product
- Qualified health check and feedback of your product rather than just a "go/no go" service

To make sure you get the most value for your money below is always included when we service your temperature or pressure products:

A2LA Accredited Temperature Lab
Our lab goes through annual A2LA audits to assure our calibrations are of the highest quality.

Calibrate and Repair all of our JOFRA Temperature Calibrators
Our skilled technicians can service all JOFRA models ranging from the ETC to the advanced RTC Series and anything in between. We originally designed the calibrators, we originally built them and we are experts in servicing and maintaining them!

Calibrate and Repair all of our Crystal Pressure Products
For more than 20 years our California facility have manufactured and serviced all Crystal Engineering products. The specialized technicians have a strong expertise in servicing and maintaining any model made since the first pressure gauge was built more than two decades ago.

Fast Service for North American Customers
With access to all spare parts and a facility based in California, our calibration lab ensures fast turnaround times for North American customers.

Firmware Updates, Functional Tests, and Safety Tests
One of the major benefits by having us service and calibrate JOFRA temperature calibrators is that we always check your calibrator to make sure it contains the latest updates. And if it doesn't, then we update it for you free of charge as part of our service.

Receive a Return Authorization Number Online
Receive an RMA number and a return address at your convenience. No need to wait for assistance on the telephone, simply go to this page and get the number right away: RMA form 
If this is your first time using our new system, you will be asked to register an account. 

Register Your Product Online
Be the first to know of firmware and feature improvements for your specific temperature calibrator model by registering your product online.

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