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XP2i now available in three accuracy versions

Monday, March 7, 2016

The XP2i digital pressure gauge is now available in three accuracy levels. In addition to the existing ± 0.1% “of reading” version, two new “% of full scale” accuracy options are now available. 

The new accuracy options of ± 0.02% “of full scale” and ± 0.05% “of full scale” include the same features as the “of reading” version, and were created to meet the requirements of DNV for hydrostatic testing. In addition to meeting DNV requirements, the increased accuracy levels mean that the XP2i now can be used in high-accuracy lab applications.

The XP2i also can be combined with optional data logging software to provide high-accuracy, intrinsically safe, pressure recording. Start and stop multiple runs from the keypad, and when finished, simply download the data to commonly used spreadsheets. Simple, easy to use software reduces the amount of training time needed to accurately record pressure.  

For calibrating pressure gauges and transmitters, the new XP2i can be combined with the GaugeCalHP pressure comparator and high-pressure Crystal Pressure Fittings. The GaugeCalHP is versatile enough to use with water or oil, inside a lab or out in the field, and with most large-size pressure gauges.