New Calibration Program for the XP2i

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Are increased calibration costs making your pressure gauge costly to maintain? Is your overall cost of ownership higher than initially expected? Do you dread sending your gauge out for calibration, fearing that you might not get it back in a timely matter? These are just some of the comments we have heard from customers who are required to calibrate their test gauges annually.

At Crystal Engineering, we have always offered the advantage of a wide-range, “of reading” accuracy gauge that allow users to replace multiple standard gauges with a single XP2i gauge, and therefore lower their cost of ownership. Now, we are pleased to announce a new AMETEKCal calibration program (available in North America only) that makes recalibrating your XP2i gauges more affordable. AMETEKCal is a three-year calibration program, which allows you to return your XP2i back to our San Luis Obispo office for re-calibration up to three times over the specified period. Each calibration includes an adjustment (if needed) and a calibration certificate with as found and as left data. And, the cost for the program is less than two calibrations!

If you already own an XP2i gauge, you can still take advantage of the program. Simply send your gauge back to us, join the AMETEKCal program, and the first of your three calibrations will be done immediately.

The initial cost of a gauge is just one factor to consider. We design our equipment to last, so the re-calibration prices are just as important. With our new program, keeping your XP2i certifications up to date has never been more cost effective.