Measurement Solutions for the Natural Gas Industry

Thursday, February 15, 2018


At AMETEK STC, we have a long history of producing calibration and test equipment for use throughout the Gas Industry. In fact, we have worked closely with large gas companies worldwide to add features to our equipment that save both time and money

New Brochure

Just last year, we added alerts, which display calibration reminders prior, on, and past calibration due dates. This feature has resulted in better planning, reduced downtime, and helped assure compliance to both internal and regulatory requirements.

We also released new low absolute pressure ranges, which have allowed companies worldwide to start using our XP2i gauges for a wide range of new applications.

With this in mind, we have created a new brochure focused on the gas industry. It includes highlights of our most popular products, along with some of the most common applications where our equipment is used.

Click here to download our new brochure.

Click here for the French version.