JofraCloud Remote Temperature Measurement

Thursday, July 5, 2018


JofraCloud is a new way to perform remote reading and setting of our temperature calibrators over an unlimited distance. JofraCloud is a gateway that has transmission coverage equal to a smartphone.

JofraCloud can be attached to any RTC or PTC calibrator and reads data from the calibrator every 2 seconds.  Key features include:
  • Remote Setpoints - Select a new temperature setpoint on your calibrator using your device.
  • Documented Stability Reporting - When the calibrator reaches the set temperature and gains stability, and emailed report will be sent to your controlling device.
  • On Demand Reporting - Generate a timestamped emailed report at any time.
  • Audible Notification - When using from your PC, you can get an audible notification when the calibrator reaches stability.
  • Simultaneous Control - Control and communicate up to 5 calibrators with a single gateway
New Video 

JofraCloud is helping users work smarter and save money every day.  Our new video includes some of the most popular applications and uses for JofraCloud.  The video can be found on our YouTube page here.