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Calibrate Long Sensors with a JOFRA CTC-652

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Calibrate Long Sensors with a JOFRA Temperature Calibrator!

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – AMETEK STC is pleased to present the new JOFRA CTC-652 temperature calibrator. The CTC-652 is the tallest of JOFRA’s CTC Series calibrators and is the only industrial-grade temperature calibrator with a 200 mm insert. This insert provides the CTC-652 with an immersion depth of 190 mm, making it ideal for calibrating long sensors.

The CTC-652s large insert allows it to calibrate difficult sized sensors, like long capillary sensors found at transformer stations, turbine steam temperature sensors at power plants, and the exhaust gas temperature sensors in the maritime industry.

The new temperature calibrator offers a temperature range of 28 to 650°C (82 to 1202°F), Stability to ± 0.05°C (± 0.09°F), and One-year Accuracy of ± 0.65°C (± 1.17°F) for the total temperature range. MVI circuitry ensures stability despite mains supply variations.

The CTC-652 includes a crisp, color display with an “advanced simplicity” user interface, which is the trademark of JOFRA temperature calibrators. Popular functions such as automatic switch test and auto stepping are available with special one-key-one-function buttons. Important functionality, like manual calibration with pre-defined temperature points, calibration due notifications, and complete pre-defined calibration processes are also easy to access through the multi-information interface. Colored safety icons make it quick and easy to detect a hot or cold calibrator helping to reduce injuries, while a stability icon and time estimator help users track the current status.

AMETEK STC manufactures and supplies calibration instruments for temperature, pressure, and process signals under the brands of JOFRA and Crystal Engineering. JOFRA temperature calibrators are known worldwide for their accuracy, stability, and reliability. For more information visit