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German User Interface for RTC & PTC Temperature Calibrators

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Allerød, Denmark – AMETEK STC is now offering a German language user interface for its JOFRA Calibration dry-block temperature calibrators. The new interface is available in the RTC Reference Temperature Calibrator and PTC Professional Temperature Calibrator series.

The new interface will now ship already installed on all RTC and PTC calibrators purchased through AMETEK’s office in Germany. JOFRA is also offering an install kit, where existing RTC and PTC customers can upgrade their calibrators to the new interface.

The RTC Reference Temperature Calibrator is JOFRA’s most advanced and accurate temperature calibrator series with the broadest available temperature range from -100 to 700°C. Temperature accuracy is up to ± 0.04°C and stability to ± 0.005°C. It also features the DLC system, which brings perfect temperature uniformity in the insert.

JOFRA offers five PTC Professional Temperature Calibrator models delivering temperature ranges from -90°C / -130°F up to 660°C /1220°F. All models feature high accuracy, stability, and speed; active dual-zone temperature control delivers excellent temperature homogeneity in the well. The easy to read color display and intuitive, user-friendly navigation reduce training time and errors.


AMETEK STC manufactures and supplies calibration instruments for temperature, pressure, and process signals under the brands JOFRA and Crystal. JOFRA temperature calibrators are known worldwide for their accuracy, stability, and reliability.