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Looking to Replace Your AMC910 Process Calibrator

AMC910 Signal Multi Scanner
The Jofra AMC910 Process Calibrator is obsolete and is no longer supplied. 

The AMC910 process calibrator has been replaced by the handheld ASC-400 Multifunction Process Calibrator.  The ASC-400 combines all your favorite features such as % error calculation, scaling, leak-testing, and switch calibrating into one multifunction process calibrator. With the ASC-400 you can:

- Read and source RTD, Thermocouple, Current, Voltage, Frequency, Resistance, and Pulse Train Output
- Calibrate gauge or absolute pressure when combined with an APM CPF pressure module
- Calibrate temperature when combined with a dry block calibrator

Click here for a comparison document.

Avoid downtime using your old AMC910 Process Calibrator
Contact us now to proactively receive pricing on a replacement ASC-400 Multifunction Calibrator for you to use for budget planning purposes.