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Looking to Replace Your 1st Generation CTC Temperature Calibrator

CTC Series Temperature Calibrator
The 1st Generation of the Jofra CTC Temperature Calibrator is obsolete and is no longer supplied. 

The CTC320B and CTC650B temperature calibrators have been replaced by the new generation CTC Temperature Calibrator, model CTC-652.  The CTC Series portable temperature calibrator is a fast, time-saving, reliable dry block temperature calibrator designed for on-site use. The large color display is easy-to-read and provides icons and information regarding the status of the calibrator and the calibration in process. Popular functions like automatic switch test and auto stepping are available with special one-key-one-function buttons. 

Avoid downtime using your old CTC Temperature Calibrator
Contact us now to proactively receive pricing on a replacement CTC temperature calibrator for you to use for budget planning purposes.