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Differential Pressure Gauges

Differential Pressure Gauges 
For differential pressure measurement, we have two options to choose from in our Crystal Engineering product line. Each option offers unique features and modes to fit different differential pressure applications.

nVision Reference Recorder Differential Pressure Mode
1. Uses two separate pressure modules, making for a more robust differential pressure device. Each sensor can handle its full-scale pressure range rather than only pressure in one direction.
2. Calculated differential pressure mode allows users to cancel out pressure differences at elevated static line levels. This results in a high accuracy differential pressure displayed on the nVision.
3. All versions of the nVision include data recording by default, so it's easy to record differential pressure.

XP2i-DP Differential Pressure Gauge
1. True wet/wet differential pressure device that measures the difference in pressure supplied on each sensor side.
2. Includes a special vacuum only mode that supports long-term, high-level vacuum use.
3. Updated with the optional DataLoggerXP to record differential pressure.