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Con50 Software
Con50 configuration software provides a way to configure and calibrate smart sensors for the RTC, PTC, and CTC temperature calibrators.  
With Con50 you can:

• Configure probe models, types, and serial numbers
• Set minimum and maximum temperature and electrical output points
• Enter new coefficients & calibration due dates
• Download configurations from smart sensors and save them for future use
• Load saved configurations into sensors, saving time

Compatible with these AMETEK Products:     RTCPTC, and CTC

System Requirements Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, or 10 

  • Documentation +

  • Software +

    • Con50

      Con50 (Free) - Provides a way to configure and calibrate smart sensors for the DTI050 and the RTC / PTC temperature calibrators.

    • UnitCalc

      UnitCalc (Free) – Easy pressure unit calculator. Displays all conversion factors and converted units at the same time. UnitCalc also calculates Head Correction, Gravity Correction, and Air Density

  • Release Notes +

      • Version 18-May-21. Fixes and Improvements: 1) Added implementation of the RTC-168, 2) Added new sensors STS-200 B 919, STS-200 A 919, STS-102 A 035, DLC-168, 3) Added calculations for the ITS-90 coefficients.
      • Version 11-Feb-20. 1) CJ Compensation now has three settings, 2) Fixed an issue with the DTI Models, and 3) Added support for the CTC-652
      • Version 11-Jun-19. 1) Fixed DTI models file with the correct CTC-1205 model. 2) Fixed min and max voltage resolution error, and 3) Corrected the DTI050 date verification error.
      • Version 01-Nov-18. Added support for the CTC-1205.
      • Version 04-May-18. Added support for the RTC-187.