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ConfigXP Software
ConFigXP is free software to customize your XP2i digital pressure gauge to fit your application. You can add features and special modes, remove features to simplify the gauge, and complete password protected tasks, like calibration adjustment. 

The ConFigXP software has many useful features, including:

• Transform your XP2i into an indicator for torque, force, level, or any other unit using the custom unit wizard
• Add special features such as pressure safety valve (PSV) mode to capture valve open / close pressure, averaging, and leak rate
• Increase safety by eliminating human errors
• Save time by disabling any button or removing unused pressure units
• Increase security by password protecting your gauge configuration
• Save and copy custom settings to another XP2i
• Includes Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish translations

Compatible with these AMETEK Products:     XP2i

System Requirements Windows 7 (SP 1), 8.1, or 10 

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  • Application Notes +

    • Pressure Safety Valve Testing

      Periodic testing and adjustment of pressure safety valves is essential to maintain overall safety in a variety of industries

  • Accessories +

      • 2400 RS232 Cable (6ft)
      • 3313 USB A to RS232 DB9M Adapter for XP2i (included)
  • Release Notes +

      • Version 2.5 16-Dec-16. Added Calibration Message support. ConFigXP users with XP2i firmware R040324 and newer can set a calibration due date and calibration due warning period. Once enabled, these messages will display at startup of an XP2i and optionally during operation.
      • Version 2.4d 31-Oct-08. Added support for latest generation XP2i gauges. Enabled MPa unit and saving logging interval and type to a file.
      • Version 2.4b 14-Apr-08. Fixed a bug with an incorrect tank level unit calculation when using desnsity units of lb/yd3.
      • Version 2.4a 29-Feb-08. Fixed a bug when USB was removed while still connected to the gauge.
      • Version 2.4 25-Jan-08. Added an offset to user units. Added a linear fit wizard for user units and a tank level wizard to assist in calculating user factors and user offsets. Vacuum mode was added for -DP gauges.
      • Version 2.2 21-Aug-07. Added PSV (pressure safety valve) mode. Fixed a problem communicating with COM ports greater than 9.
      • Version 2.1a 23-Mar-07. Added Czech, French, German, Italian, and Japanese languages.
      • Version 2.1 05-Nov-06. Added differential gauge capability. Fixed a password bug in the as received/as left report..
      • Version 2.0a 18-Sep-06. Added Chinese and Polish translated versions.
      • Version 2.0 03-Apr-06. Added ability to load and save configurations, reset to factory configurations, password protection, as received/as left report, and a userspan wizard.
      • Version 1.6b 01-Dec-05. Added Spanish language.
      • Version 1.6a 23-Jun-05. Added support for WT Series gauges.
      • Version 1.5a 19-May-05. Added support for absolute pressure XP2i gauges. Added rate mode for dual display (-DD) gauges.
      • Version 1.4a 01-Dec-04. Added communication with a DataLoggerXP enabled gauge. The gauge cannot be in DataLoggerXP mode in order to connect to ConfigXP.
      • Version 1.2a 10-Sep-04. Fixed a battery detection bug when connecting to older XP2i gauges.
  • Software +

    • ConFigXP

      ConFigXP (Free) – Allows you to customize your gauge by adding or disabling features.

    • USB Driver

      USB Driver for XP2i, nVision, and 30 Series

    • UnitCalc

      UnitCalc (Free) – Easy pressure unit calculator. Displays all conversion factors and converted units at the same time. UnitCalc also calculates Head Correction, Gravity Correction, and Air Density