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Gas Industry Measurement Solutions

At AMETEK STC, both Crystal Engineering and JOFRA have a long history of producing high-quality calibration and test equipment found throughout the gas industry. From pressure gauge and calibrators, to temperature calibrators, to deadweight testers, we have the products to help you work smarter.

HPC50 Pressure Calibrator

Our dual pressure calibrator with options to add two external pressure or temperature modules is our latest intrinsically safe product. It also includes electrical connections to measure and sink mA and V. All pressure, electrical, and temperature readings are fully temperature compensated. Learn more about the HPC50 Series here.

CTC-652 Temperature Calibrator
The latest JOFRA temperature calibrator is the only industrial grade temperature calibrator with a 200 mm insert. The large insert provides the CTC-652 with an immersion depth of 190 mm, making it ideal for calibrating long sensors. The temperature range is 28 to 650°C. Learn more about the CTC Series here.

XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge
Our ultra-rugged digital test gauge continues to be the most popular gauge in the industry. Features like calibration reminders and alerts, low absolute pressure ranges, and multiple accuracy levels were created to address specific requests from the gas industry. An optional datalogging upgrade allows the XP2i to record 32,000 data points. Learn more about the XP2i here.

RTC Temperature Calibrator
Our reference temperature calibrator family is the flagship series of our JOFRA family. With accuracy to ± 0.04°C and a family temperature range from -100 to 700°C, we have the model to accurately and reliably test and calibrate sensors found in the gas industry. We even have a combination dry-block / liquid bath model to add even more flexibility. Learn more about the RTC Series here.

nVision Reference Recorder
The nVision Reference Recorder is our flexible model that allows users to plug and play pressure, electrical, and temperature modules to fit their application. With space to record up to 1 million data points, and a recording rate of 10 times per second, the nVision is used throughout the industry for a variety of recording applications. Learn more about the nVision here.

PKII Deadweight Tester
Our most popular deadweight tester provides accuracy up to 0.015% of reading for low-pressure applications up to 30 psi. Featuring a quick leveling system and optional tripod, we have designed the PKII for reliable, in-field use. Learn more about the PKII here.

These are just some of the products that AMETEK STC provides to support the natural gas industry. For a list of all products and multiple applications, please download our industry brochure here. For a pdf copy of this industry brief, click here.