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Logging Software CrystalControl
CrystalControl is a software program used to store and archive your recorded data runs.  In addition to managing your saved data, you can customize, update, and calibrate the nVision Reference Recorder, HPC50 Series Pressure Calibrator, and the HPC40 Series Pressure Calibrator.  

CrystalControl software has many useful features, including:

• Export your data to Microsoft Excel or pdf files for reporting and graphing
• Update to the latest nVision, HPC50, or HPC40 Series firmware
• Enable / disable pressure units
• Control and configure recordings
• Password protect the recorder to prevent unauthorized changes 
• Define a custom message or startup screen
• Disable or reorder your display screens
• Adjust automatic and backlight shutoff settings
• Calibrate the modules and enter new Calibrated On and Calibration Due dates

Compatible with these AMETEK Products:     nVision, HPC40 Series, HPC50 Series

System Requirements Windows 8.1 or 10 
Microsoft .NET 4.8
PDF Reader: Required when exporting nVision data as a PDF

  • Documentation +

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  • Application Notes +

    • Replacing a Chart Recorder

      The nVision is quickly replacing aging equipment for recording pressure and temperature measurements.

    • Self Signed Digital ID Set-Up

      How to set-up a digital ID which can be used to sign a tamper proof PDF document.

    • Creating a Signed PDF in CrystalControl

      How to create a tamper proof, signed PDF file in CrystalControl.

  • Accessories +

      • 3951 USB A to Mini USB Cable for HPC40 Series, HPC50 Series, and nVision (included)
      • 4947 64 ft (20 m) USB A female to USB A male active extension cable. WARNING: Do not use USB interface within a hazardous atmosphere.
  • Release Notes +

      • Version 3.1.5 28-May-21. Fixed Bugs: 1) Under some conditions, version 3.1.4 fails to discover and connect to an nVision.
      • Version 3.1.4 14-Jan-21. Fixed Bugs: 1) For versions of Windows using a non-American decimal system and thousands separator, the user-span value may not update. This release fixes that bug.
      • Version 3.1.3 29-Oct-20. Fixed Bugs: 1) nVision data runs with more than 32,000 points are now properly exported to Excel and PDF (introduced in 3.1.1).
      • Version 3.1.2 20-Oct-20. Fixed Bugs: 1) Fixed error where the exported data was limited to 10 data points (introduced in 3.1.1)
      • Version 3.1.1 09-Oct-20. Added Feature: 1) CrystalControl will now export data to Excel 2007 and newer file formats (.xlsx), 2) Users can use Excel templates in the Excel 2007 file format (.xltx). Fixed Bugs: 1) The OK and Cancel buttons are now accessible on low resolution displays, 2) Users running CrystalControl on high-resolution displays with a scaling setting greater than 150% will be able to use the chassis screens.
      • Version 3.1 08-Oct-19. Added Feature: 1) Users can now set the available units on APMi modules connected to an HPC50 Series. Fixed Bugs: 1) Fixed crash issue when attempting to find an HPC50 Series on non-English versions of Microsoft Windows, 2) Fixed crash issue on Windows 7 or 8.1 when running Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1.
      • Version 3.0 15-May-19. Added: 1) Support for HPC50 Series, APMi, and ATMi. 2) The latest Crystal USB drivers are now included in the CrystalControl installer.
      • Version 2.3 11-Apr-16. Fixed bug where zero limit set in the nVision did not match the software. Fixed user-unit bug in nVision.
      • Version 2.2 16-Dec-15. Added pressure units for “H2O-4C, “H2O-60F, “H2O-68F. Removed check boxes to designate the water reference.
      • Version 2.1 12-Jun-15. Windows 10 Compatibility. HPC40 – Fixed firmware upgrade problem. Fixed configuration bug. nVision – Fixed crashing issue when an nVision was connected. Fixed bug with cal due date not updating when running non-US English Windows. Fixed detection bug when one of the modules was corrupted.
      • Version 2.0 04-Mar-15. Added support for HPC40 Series. Fixed bug where nVision would restart a download (in the DataViewer tab) of very long runs.
      • Version 1.10 07-Aug-14. Included pressure module firmware R090009, which features an improved method for detection of firmware errors. If a firmware problem exists, the nVision will display “Error 1”. This will help ensure that erroneous readings are not displayed.
      • Version 1.9 30-Jul-13. Pressure Module firmware version to R090008. Improved the stability of pressure readings, fixed cal due date not updating when running non-US English Windows, Updated graphics to AMETEK branding.
      • Version 1.8 11-Feb-13. Chassis firmware R080015. Fixed a duplicate recording samples bug. Expanded the filter time for an RTD100 module to increase stability.
      • Version 1.7 06-Jun-12. Included firmware R080014, allows you to start and stop nVision recordings directly from your PC. Fixed bug for a recording run lasting longer than 49 days. Fixed a bug where data from an unenabled screen continued to record.
      • Version 1.6 07-Mar-12. Included firmware R080013. Introduced Ultra-Low Power Mode. Allows the nVision to enter a deep-sleep condition between data readings. Your nvision will activate this mode automatically during recordings with Logging Intervals of one minute or slower. Disable the power button while recording, instead of the previous behavior of entering a low power mode. Fixed bug with differential temperature graph. Fixed resolution error on differential graph screen pointer. Fixed bug where BARO units could not be updated in the dual graph screen.
      • Version 1.5b 15-Nov-11. Pressure module firmware R090007. Improves the response rate of the numeric pressure reading. Fixes an installation problem encountered on some versions of Windows XP, which displayed an “image format not recognized” error message.
      • Version 1.5 10-Aug-11. Chassis Firmware R080012, pressure module firmware R090006. Create tamper-proof digital records in industry standard format (PDF), from the data stored on nVision. Additionally, there is an attachment panel inside the PDF which provides access to the source data, via read-only .xls Excel and .csv text files. Added a user defined message screen at start up. Expanded the nVision’s mA module up to 55mA. Remove a sensor from the screens to save battery life and extend recording time from 500,000 to 1 million data points, without removing the module. Added two BARO graphical screens. Fixed bug where mA user span and offset were not exported with data runs. Added feature to scroll through the summary screens using the nVision keypad arrows.
      • Version 1.4b 21-Feb-11. Fixed BARO calibration wizard accuracy issue.
      • Version 1.4a 25-Jan-11. Fixed a false firmware corrupt message when connecting to an nVision without batteries.
      • Version 1.4 6-Jan-11. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1 is required. Includes chassis firmware R080009, pressure module firmware R090005, MA20 firmware R110001. You can now identify each recording with a custom run tag, instead of identifying each data set by only its date and dime. Enter up to five pre-defined run tags into your nVision via CrystalControl and then select them from a list prior to each recording. Added BARO module support for absolute pressure measurement. Moved calibration on/due date and userspan to protect against changes. Enable NL-LAB firmware update capability. Dataviewer tab now stores previous run data for fast loading. Improved rate of change calculation. Added rate of change to MA20 module.
      • Version 1.3 11-Aug-10. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1 is required. Pressure module firmware R090004. Enable and disable screens on the chassis. Reorder screens on the chassis. Select new HOME screen on the chassis. Display total recording time for selected logging rate and selected screens. New averaging screens with timer included. Improved battery life 10-15%. Download, graph, and export differential and average measurements. Highlights selected items. Selectable data type for left and right graph scale. Option to match left and right graph scales. Fixed Error 5 and Error 6 calculation.
      • Version 1.2b 12-May-10. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1 is required. Resolved the DataViewer progress bar not updating for short runs that was introduced in version 1.2a.
      • Version 1.2a 21-Apr-10. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1 is required. Improved data downloading.
      • Version 1.2 17-Mar-10. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1 is required. Enabled support for MA20, including the Switch Test Calibration Wizard. Enabled support for NL-Lab. Enabled support for differential pressure. Fixed regional numerical settings in the Excel export. Fixed bug where elapsed time over 24 hours incorrectly reset to 0 hours on the Excel export.
      • Version 1.1a 12-Jan-10. Fixed gauge detection on systems with only Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 installed.
      • Version 1.1 04-Dec-09. Improved chassis and module connectivity and recognition. Implemented chassis and module firmware updating in the Tools menu. Enable, disable, and notify for automatic firmware and software updates. Added feature to revert the nVision to older firmware versions. Added feature to manually add firmware files. Set the export data locations for excel template and data save locations. Modified the export templates for easier readability. Resized application to work on netbook display resolution of 1024 x 576. Reversed the order of recording runs to have the most recent on top. Improved data downloading and viewing. Added selectable data and time formats for graphing and exporting. Added feature to enable and disable modules to be graphed. Added graphing of a user defined unit and original unit, rather than defaulting to psi. Added comma separated text format (.csv or .txt) to data exporting.
  • Software +

    • CrystalControl

      CrystalControl – Free Software, Communicate, Configure, Data Log (nVision), and Update your nVision, HPC40, HPC50

    • USB Driver

      USB Driver for XP2i, nVision, and 30 Series

    • UnitCalc

      UnitCalc (Free) – Easy pressure unit calculator. Displays all conversion factors and converted units at the same time. UnitCalc also calculates Head Correction, Gravity Correction, and Air Density